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Was It Rape Then? Reviews


“A powerful short film from Fractured Shakespeare, Was it Rape Then? makes unsettling use of Shakespeare’s words.” - Shakespeare Magazine

"This short film turns the focus of the quote "Was it Rape, Then?" on its head, serving not only to empower women as the focus of the piece, but also to express the burden of guilt and confusion that many victims suffer." - Stage Raw


"(Was It Rape Then?) is a great introduction to theater for a whole new digital audience.  The way the performers belt out dialogues that are hundreds of years old and still relevant today speaks a lot about the uniqueness of the bard and his work."- The Digital Hash

“Empowering, motivating and angering.” -Bustle

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Speak, I Will! Reviews

"Speak I Will ultimately serves as both a distressing reminder that women still have to fight to have their voices heard and their experiences validated, and refreshing take on what our current cultural climate can learn from the work of the past... especially poignant in the dawn of a new era in gender politics." - Ms. in the Biz

"A unique use of Shakespeare's monologues to comment on pressing current issues of abuse, inequality, and justice."

"I found my taste for language sated with the richness of high diction reborn to shape age-old experience and my appetite for feminist critique growing with the eating."

"One of the most brilliant uses of Shakespeare’s Canon I’ve ever seen."

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